terrezzo surfaces

Specialists in Terrazzo Surfaces

Introducing Concrete Terrazzo Inside Out

Terrazzo Cobblestones (Vehicular)

Terrazzo Cobblestones (Vehicular)

Terrazzo Paving Stones

Elongated, Boardwalk & Wood Grain

    Terrazzo Paving Stones

Pool Copings

Terrazzo Tiles (Indoor or Outdoor)

Terrazzo Hardscapes: Deco Drains, Stairs

    & Risers, Cladding & Cap, Curbing, Tree

    Grates, ADA Pavers, Rooftop Pavers,

    Planters, Benches

Terrazzo Countertop Slabs

Hand Crafted Table Tops

Custom Terrazzo to your specifications

Create exciting and unique personalized spaces using high quality terrazzo tiles and pavers!

Earth Surfaces of America, Inc.

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