Introducing Inside Out

Concrete Terrazzo Surfaces

Indoors and outdoors

Hand crafted distinctive designs

Timeless charm, contemporary look

Eco-friendly, contributes to LEED points

Durable, will last forever

Can be refinished

Easy to maintain

23" x 23" x 13/16", rectified

Rustic Series 24" x 24" x 3/4"

Choice of finishes available

Inspired Elegance!

Standard Selections

TT04  Pallediana
TT07  Carrara Classico
TT14 Key West Classico
TT16 Perlato Royal
TT37 Oceanic
TT37 Oceanic
TT39 Venetian
TT39 Venetian
TT05  Pacific Coast
TT09  Mont Blanc
TT15 San Marco Square
TT19 Snow Flakes Classico
TT38 Cava
TT38 Cava
TT40 Black Sea

custom Selections

TT01 Baha
TT03 Capri
TT08 Beach Pebbles
TT11  Sorrento
TT13 Blue Sky
TT18 Assisi
TT21 Perlatino
TT23  Charleston
TR25 Rustic Santorini
TR27 Rustic Alicante
TR29 Rustic Red Sky
TR31 Rustic Aegean Sea
TT02  Taormina
TT06  Lido
TT06  Lido
TT10  Positano
TT12  San Remo
TT17  Rainbow Classico
TT20  River Glass
TT22 Tivoli Classico
TT24 Venezia
TR26  Rustic Perlato Royal
TR28  Rustic Carrara Classico
TR30 Rustic Cosmic
TR32 Rustic Pisa
TR33 Rustic South Beach
TR34 Rustic Villa Adriana
TR36 Rustic Beach Pebbles
TR35 Rustic Key Largo
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