Terrazzo Tiles

Made from natural & recycled material

Hand crafted

24" x 24" x 1" tiles

14 available selections

Can be used in indoor and outdoor settings.

     Indoor finish:  high homed with little


     Outdoor finish:  blasted & brushed

      for Heavy Non-Slip Texture


Long lasting - can be refinished

Periodic sealing recommended

Made in USA

TT 005

Red Alicante Carrara

TT 008

Noce Marble

TT 009

Red Alicante Cosmic Marble

TT 014

Noce Carrara Marble

TT 007


TT 011

Noce Travertino

TT 006

Fine Carrara Bone

TT 013

Dense Carrara Grey

TT 004

Mother of Pearl

TT 012

Green Marble

TT 010

Carrara Dark Grey

TT 003

Carrara & Mother of Pearl

TT 003

Carrara & Cosmic Marble

TT 001

Cobalt & Blue Glass Mix

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